After rain prevented the Gilman Speedway from conducting its first British style teams event on Saturday, the meeting was postponed to Sunday at Mildura”s Olympic Park track.

It made for a long program as morning junior events were already planned for a SA Sidewinders “Vipers” VS Mildura “Marauders” teams match as it zworked out that 14 kids nominated, so they were placed into two teams for the contest,

Scores were Vipers 46 against Marauders 42.

The SA kids were probably more consistent scoring deep into the field.

Teagan Pedlar (10 pts) was fantastic from the starts as she got out of the gate very well and was stiff not to be included in Heat 15.

But Laurie O’Connell selected Patty Bowes (7+3) and Mozzie Brown (9) as the SA pair. Mildura finalists were Patty Hamilton (9pts) and Jackson Milner (10),

In the seniors, Match one saw Mildura Swindon 49 beat Gilman Leszno 44

Good solid match right from the start with scores level until heat six  and still real close at Heat 12 then a couple of 4 – 2’s got the Swindon blokes away just a bit.

Match finished at 3:00 and after a  good track prep prior to starting the second match which was run as a 12 heats and then a Managers select Heat 13, which resulted in the difference in scores.

Top scorers were Cooper Riordan (12 pts) and Justin Sedgmen (10) while for Leszno were Rob Branford (12) and Zaine Kennedy (12).

In Match Two the Mildura  Swindon Robins scored 49 against Leszno 33

The SA lads were allowed to play the Joker twice, Robbie Branford in Heat Five to get 6 points and then Zaine Kennedy in Heat nine , but he only got a 3rd.

Top scores for Swindon were Justin Sedgmen, Declan Knowles and Josh McDonald who all scored 9 points while for Leszno the tops were skipper, Rob Branford with 10 and Queenslander Zaine Kennedy on 9 points.

Team Managers, Nigel Sadler and Shane Bowes for SA (Leszno) and Cam Woodward and Cory Gathercole for Mildura (Swindon) were good to work with as was Leigh Adams all contributed to the meeting and used their British league racing to the advantage of their teams.