The Sunraysia Football League sliding reputation in Victoria when it was basically thrashed by the Central Murray Football League at Swan Hill on Saturday.

Central Murray, ranked 18 on the AFL country football championship list defeated by 41 points Sunraysia, ranked 19 until Saturday.

The table changed elsewhere when the Eastern Football League, a metropolitan League beat the Geelong League to claim top spot.

Goulburn Valley (ranked 9) beat Ballarat (8) while Ovens and Murray (6) crushed the Western Region Metro League (7).

Goulburn Murray 14.12 (92) were decisive over Sunraysia 8.7 (55) with Robinvale Euston Football Club ruckman Ethan Gill being named the Sunraysia medal winner.

The other best players for Sunraysia were Brad Hards, Colby Hards both of Imperials, Josh Gregg of Ouyen and Daniel Udica, also from Robinvale-Euston

Central Murray were also victorious in the Under 18 game with Sunraysia best player medal winner being Nathan Pinchbeck of Merbein.

Sunraysia had a good win in the Under 16 match winning 10.8 (68) to Central Murray 7.9 (51)

In Netball Sunraysia 52 defeated Central Murray 48.

Sunraysia also came out the Under 17 winners 55 goals to 31,