Another round of the 500cc Solo Teams Development Program, being staged at the Gillman and Mildura Speedway tracks this winter, takes place this weekend.

At the Gillman meeting, on Saturday afternoon (30 June), riders from South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and New Zealand will ride in a 15-heat match between teams representing the overseas clubs Leszno (Poland) and Swindon (England).

Sunday July 1 sees the second day of the popular teams racing at Mildura's Olympic Park Complex.  Also to be staged on the day will be the Jason Crump Junior shield. 

The four team's concept at Olympic Park will feature the iconic speedway teams of the world in Unia, Leszno, Zielona Gora and Edinburgh, with international riders including Justin Sedgmen (VIC) and Ryan Douglas (QLD) plus Australia’s best up and coming solo stars.

Olympic Park racing begins at 10am with the Jason Crump Junior Shield followed by senior racing at 12 noon.  Entry is Adults only $10, others free

Teams selection for Olympic Park

Zielona Gora 
1. Justin Sedgmen 
2. Dayle Wood
3. Kane Lawrence (C)
4. Cordell Rogerson

Leszno Bullls 
1. Ryan Douglas 
2. Fraser Bowes (C)
3. Jake Turner 
4. Brandon Coglan

Edinburgh Monarchs 
1. Robert Medson (C)
2. Dakota Ballantyne 
3. Matthew Pickering 
4. Seth Hickey

Swindon Robins 
1. Declan Knowles 
2. Jack Morrison 
3. Declan Kennedy (C)
4. Chris Ferguson