Dareton Men in a Shed ( DMIAS ) with Barkindji Wiimpatya Murra Art Gallery are inviting the public to an open day on Saturday May 20 starting at 9am.

It is located at 1845 Silver City Highway Dareton ( the old IPC fruit packing complex ).

( DMIAS ) will have guided tours of the workshops including the large generator running. They will have various items for sale and sausages and drinks available.

The gallery has an extensive array of cultural art and artefacts for sale and will have local painters and musicians demonstrating their talents.

DMIAS was established 10 years ago to provide an outlet for men, where they could use their skills, learn new ones and have fellowship with other men.

An essential part of  DMIAS is men’s health and we regular speakers from Dareton Primary Health addressing us.

Along with monthly sessions at Murray house and lunch at Coomealla Club where wives and girl friends ( not at the same time ) are welcomed and a highly social lunch and coffee are enjoyed by all.

DMIAS can offer woodworking, wood turning, small engine maintenance, engineering and mechanics, boat restoration, gardening and soon cooking in our new kitchen. Something for everyone.

 The Barkindji Wiimpatya Murra Art Gallery showcases traditional works from the local Indigenous community.

It provides a place where people can learn about connecting to country through art and culture.

It also gives people an opportunity to develop a lifetime skill that can be passed on and kept alive, as well as the opportunity to create an income out of artistic and cultural skills and talents.