A 43-year-old Mildura truck driver Aaron Hutchinson has struggled with being overweight his whole life.

His job as a truck driver limited his ability to lose weight in the past.

“Being a truckie means long hours, limited food options and lack of exercise”, Mr Hutchinson said..

“I was walking past a shop window one day and was horrified, I then knew I had to make a change”.

He tipped the scales at 116.1kgs when he first signed up to the Jenny Craig program. Nine weeks later, he has cracked the 100kg mark at now 99.8kgs.

A total weight loss of 16.3kgs.

Mr Hutchinson has broken the ‘truckie stereotype’ and is now enjoying exercising for an hour each day, which would have been impossible before.

“I couldn’t run very far, now I run a few kilometers every day”.

After loved ones saw how great Aaron looked and how happy he was, he has inspired four of his close family and friends to make the change too.

He is now more motivated to lead an active lifestyle.

“My youngest two children are very active and play footy, so I have to be pretty fit to keep up with them”

“With continued discipline, I am confident I will be able to sustain these results for the long term and have a better and longer quality of life”, he said.

Mr Hutchinson is still committed to losing more weight with the Jenny Craig program.