Loyal local fans of singer Issi Dye, a regular performer at the Mildura Workingmans’ Club are planning to take up a petition in support of him.

This follows a decision by the Mildura Workers to bring to an end his monthly appearances at the Club.

Jan Colley and Bronwyn Smurthwaite are just two of the local Issi Dye fans who have expressed their disappointment at Issi Dye being told that this week will be his last performance at Thursday’s Morning Melodies. 

Both have indicated that they will be signatories to any petition which will be presented to the Club in the hope they may reconsider a decision to axe his shows in the future.

“The shows are generally very well supporters although in recent times some of the nursing homes have run out of budget and some of their residents haven’t been able to get there,” Mrs Colley said.

“For a lot of us his entertainment has been very good and our group not just attend his show but also stay and have lunch in the Club as well.”

Ms Smurthwaite said there are a number of people, who, like her, are disappointed that the Workers are abandoning the morning melodies show which is hosted by Issi Di.

“Retirees, Nursing Home residents and our special community members all enjoy attending the monthly show”

“There is nowhere within the community at venues that cater for the 50/60 age group and we are hoping that lots of other people share our views that the venue is ideal for this purpose and it’s not all about profit but providing safe, reasonably priced entertainment for all”

It’s not just the elderly people of the district who are disappointed but the entertainer himself is likewise.

“I can’t understand it as I believe the club does very well from all the members who come to support both us and the club all the time,” Issi Dye said from Melbourne.

“I would have hoped that a little community spirit would have at least saved the Morning Melodies show.”

“Ii have had many requests from patrons to try to continue but it doesn’t look good at this stage, even though I drive for over 12 hours there and back to perform each time, he said.

Workers CEO John Harlock told the Mildura Independent this week that the decision was about cost and it was also time for a change.

The last Issi Dye Morning Melodies show is scheduled for Thursday morning July 6 and has a Christmas in July theme.

Tickets are $8 and includes morning tea.  Doors open at 10am and the show starts at 10.30am.

There is also a Gary Johns Tribute show to Neil Diamond and Michael Buble show on Friday night with members free  and non-members $10.