The four year olds from St Margaret’s Pre-School suffered from massive disappointment on Thursday.

They were all ready to go and watch a visiting Children’s show at the Mildura Arts Centre Theatre and boarded the specially hired Sunraysia Bus Lines coach for the bus ride from 11th Street down to the Arts Centre.

On Board were the party of 50, mainly four years, a few parents and kindergarten staff.

The show trip had been organised from early in the year.

On arrival at the Arts Centre theatre there was a hiccup.

The show they were to attend had been and gone. It had been brought forward a day and had been held on the Wednesday.

St Margaret’s Pre School Director Sheleigh Bant was a little perplexed at the time but the real people who were a little upset were the four year olds.

Luckily the bus driver was contactable straight away and returned promptly to take the group back to 11th street.

Mrs Bant is hoping the next Pre-School excursion to the tourist train from the Karadoc station (on the outskirts of Red Cliffs) will have a different outcome.

The incident has left a number of questions for the Council staff at the Mildura Arts Centre Theatre.

One would have thought someone would have made a phone enquiry earlier in the week to see if such a large group were still bringing the 50 seats that were booked ages ago.

Perhaps even a phone call on Wednesday when there were 50 seats left vacant at the morning performance.