Since the Cardross Progress Association brought back the Cardross Spring Show in 2001, the Show has continued to grow in popularity and it is now time for all keen photographers to take out their cameras and begin snapping away.

Association member Mary Chandler said every year the committee endeavours to come up with unusual subject matters to stretch the imagination and encourage entrants to think outside the box.   

“This year is no exception and to give everyone the opportunity to start clicking away now, the subject matter in Open, Junior and Senior students’ photography has been released now,” Ms Chandler said.  

It costs 20 cents per entry and First Prize is $1.00 and Second Prize 50 cents with special awards in every section.”

The Open section subjects in Classes 220 to 225 are:  “Symmetry”, Black and White only; and in colour: 

Any event in Sunraysia; 2016/17; A Ghost Sign; Winter’s Chill; Paddleboats and Pelicans; 2017 Year of the Rooster.   

The Mary Chandler Award for best overall photograph in this section is worth $50.00.

The Junior section subjects in Classes 226 to 231 are:  A Clock Face, Black and White only; and in colour: Upside Down; Pedal Power; Chooks or Chickens; Look What I Cooked; Capturing a Colour: Orange.

 The Hesco Award for Best Exhibit in this section donated by Brady and Brook Dalla Santa is $25.00.

The Senior section for subjects in Classes 232 to 237 are: A Letter Box, Black and White only; and in colour: A Hat or any other Headwear being worn;

Any Event in Sunraysia 216/17; 2017 Year of the Rooster; A Mallee Sunrise or Sunset: Capturing a Colour: Green..   

The Hesco Award for Best Exhibit in this section is $25.

The Phil Hand Award for the best photograph over the three sections, Open, Junior and Senior Black and White photograph is $25.

“The Committee is looking forward to receiving a large number of photographs this year and is hoping that local schools will encourage both junior and senior students to enter the Cardross Spring Show photographic sections,” Ms Chandler said.

 “We hope that the subject matter is enticing and if anyone has any enquiries please contact me on 03 50241345.”

Show schedules will be released soon.

There are many sections including roses, iris, flowers, floral art, cookery, jams, pickles and preserves, eggs, craft work, art work and sections for juniors that exhibitors should already be planning to enter.   

The Cardross Show is that small show sandwiched between the two big shows, a fabulous day out and a great opportunity for exhibitors to cut their teeth with entries for a very small cost and to experience a lot of fun at the same time.    

 “If anyone wants a Scarecrow Entry Form or Show Schedule and has access to email, please ring me on 50241345 and I will forward you a copy,” Ms Chandler said.