Mildura Harness Racing Club mist be wondering if its all worth being the good Samaritan over recent weeks.

Windy weather on a Saturday the other week during one of the Sunraysia Football League semi-finals caused a lot of harness track material being blown around the oval and causing complaints from football spectators.

When it was drawn to the attention of Harness Racing Club Secretary Tim Scala he offered to have the Club’s water cart wet down the track early Saturday morning before the spectator gates opened,

And the Club agreed to bear the cost of doing the work with watering carried out before the Preliminary and Grand Finals.

Just prior to the Grand Final there was a short public text to the Sunraysia Daily editor congratulating Mildura Rural City Council for watering the track the previous week to keep the dust down.

But the Harness Club, which did the job and footed the bill didn’t get a mention.

Then on Monday, two days after the Grand Final, Mildura Harness Racing Club officials found they could not prepare the track for the night trials because a utility was still parked on it from Saturday’s match.

Mildura Police were called but they were unable to contact the owner of the vehicle so the problem of removing it was referred back to the Harness Club, a tenant at the Recreation Reserve and Mildura Rural City Council, owners of the land.

The car was towed away in time for the harness trials held on Monday night.

At this stage the Mildura Independent is unable to inform you as to which body eventually got the vehicle removed from the harness circuit and where they put it.

Perhaps the harness Club will have second thoughts about doing a similar good deed next time.