The announcement of a Royal engagement and future wedding in England has again sparked local interest in bringing to notice the fountain at the end of Deakin Avenue which was officially opened by HRH Prince Charles and Lady Diana.

Mildura’s new Mayor Mark Eckel, who admits being a loyalist, has raised the link between Prince Harry's  the parents,  who visited Mildura in October 1985 and officially opened the Fountain at the end of Deakin.

It’s believed to be the only public fountain opened by Lady Diana, during her married years with Prince Charles.

Cr Eckel has called for people who may have photographs of the occasion to share with him as he would like to see a series of photographs of Lady Diana at the fountain site become a permanent tourist landmark.

“I hope that the display will be another landmark for visitors and locals to admire – because the day is part of our modern day history – it’s 32 years ago now.”

“I can remember being at the ceremony and I said welcome to Mildura to her and Lady Diana replied thank you”.

”I’d like something be done in 2018 and also at least have the fountain operating for some periods of the year.”

Kensington Palace in England says that the Royal Wedding will be held in May 2018.

Local resident Wendy Huggins says she remembers standing at the fountain, just a few feet away from Princess Diana, the day the fountain was opened.

“I was completely in awe of her - she seemed so normal but It was a different time back then.”

“These days you’d have to stand way back for security reasons”

Local singing teacher Simone Liuzzi has kept an album of photographs taken by her parents on the occasion of that Royal visit.’

“Lady Diana shook my hand – I was about 10 years old,” Ms Liuzzi said.

 “Mum took me out of school for the day and we got there early and luckily she walked on our side”

“I had flowers for her and she asked are these for, me?”

“She was so beautiful - we were so awe struck by her presence”

“Later we got a letter of thanks from Buckingham Palace from her Lady in waiting”.