The Vice President of the Upland Sister City Association and great Mildura supporter Sharon Christensen has passed away at home in California.

After joining the Sister City Association in 1990 Mrs Christensen visited Mildura, one of two sister cities for Upland, on eight occasions.

Mrs Christensen was on the board of the Association for almost 25 years – having gone back to Minnesota for a couple of years before returning to California..

Her passing from stage four lung cancer occurred at 2am Tuesday at home and was announced by her family.

Mrs Christensen held the position of President on many occasions and welcomed everyone who came to Upland from Australia, had them at her home many times and took them all over the place to show them everything around California in the Los Angeles area.

Mildura Mayor Cr Mark Eckel, who went to Upland on an official visit in 2009 and met her many times on her return Mildura visits, described Mrs Christensen as the most dedicated, thoughtful and energised lady who immersed herself with Sister City relationships and made them happen.

“Her support for our visits, educational programs, correspondence, assistance with exchange programs and never ending enthusiasm displayed is unforgettable,” Cr Eckel said.

Mrs Christensen was hoping to visit Mildura again in 2018 as part of the Upland Sister City Association 50th year anniversary.

Upland became a sister city with Caborca in Mexico in 1968 and with Mildura in 1969 after the then Mayor of Mildura Ken Wright wrote to the City of Upland through intermediary Ian Richardson.

The current Upland Sister City Association President is Brenda Zaldivar.  The organisation is sponsored and supported by the local Upland City Council.