Country music fans have been told that their style of music will not be making a return to the airwaves through Community Broadcasting Station HOT FM.

In a statement the Station’s music director and breakfast host Wayne Scheer said HOT FM has no interest in ever reverting back to country music as it does not generate revenue and this has been confirmed by a number of potential sponsors.

The station’s face book page announced three days before Christmas that its last country music program had just been aired.

From 1991 when the station went to air until 2012 HOT FM broadcast 105 hours per week of country music and was one of the Country Music Industry’s most successful stations.

But a gradual reduction of its country music programs diminished the station’s influence and standing in the Australian Country Music Industry.

Mr Scheer said HOT FM had begun the change to an adult contemporary style in mid-September because did not have live Mildura programs prior to 9am every day, was having 30 minute interviews with people to discuss cooking and gardening, conducting a 30 minute  trots talk segment each Tuesday that only resonated with those interested in that particular sport and had  a five  hour country afternoon show that attracted few listeners.

He said the feedback received prior to and since my commencement at the station clearly indicated these factors were the main reason the HOT FM listener base was rapidly declining.

Mr Scheer said the individual sports programs have now been condensed into our Saturday Sports Show and we have a breakfast show, a morning show, a lunch time program playing 60’s and  70’s show and in 2018 HOT FM will have an afternoon show with the same music format, replacing country which had run its course and was sounding very stale and outdated.

“We have a huge advantage over the dull and dreary AM stations in that we have a far reaching FM stereo frequency which makes the music sound so much better.,” Mr Scheer says

“The music is starting to sound great and we are only 90% there.”

“We are already receiving great feedback from current and new listeners who have made the switch and more sponsors are coming on board, so we must be doing something right.”

He said even River 1467 (AM) is playing a lot of our songs but unfortunately they don’t

Country Music fan Eric Lee wrote in Sunraysia Daily at the weekend that stations here could do better as there is a huge audience being ignored.

Mr Lee also asked what is the charter for community stations in regard to representing people’s interests and not pushing the interests of wannabe deejays.

Country music remains on low powered Narrowcast station ‘The Ranch’ on FM 87.6 with a one hour country breakfast between 8am and 9am on weekdays with Mark Eckel on 1611AM.

The same station also broadcasts a two hour Real Country show at 12 noon each Saturday.

On the internet Mildura based OZCMR ( is a 24 hour country music station which plays mainly independent country artists from all over the world with country favorites.

It streams daily from studios in Mildura.