What started off as being a family history exercise has brought to light the naming of the Mildura South area.

In recent years what the old timers have known as Mildura South has been switched around by the media and some groups to be referred to as South Mildura.

The same applies to Merbein South (as it was always known in the past) to being often referred to as South Merbein.

It’s hard to see the original school building at Midura South Primary School  from the street now but as far as we recall that’s what  it says on the front.

Back in 1944 the Mildura South Football Club played on a dirt oval at the back of the school before moving to the Mildura Greyhound complex which was located behind the back lane which runs parallel to Deakin Avenue from 14th street to the Plantation Hotel.

One of the entrances to the Greyhound track Reserve is still visible (a small gap between houses) in 14th Street while the other is now occupied by the car park at the Greek Church.

The greyhound track at Mildura closed in 1954-55 when it owners decided not to install a lure system to replace live baiting (under a new State law) ending greyhound racing at Mildura.

The Mildura South Football Club moved to number three oval around this time but when it became known as the South Mildura Football Club is not quite known.

Perhaps it just happened?

For a while South tried to name their ground Sarah Oval, but to this very day official Mildura Rural City Council records show it as ‘Number Three Oval’

The family of Barbara Boston, now aged 82, asked her to trace the family history and this has led to her just wondering why her beloved Mildura South, is now South Mildura.

“My brother Vic Berryman, who died from Cancer 27 years ago, played football for Mildura South and his harness horses all raced in the blue and white stripes,” Mrs Boston said.

Her husband, the late Don Boston, became one of the district’s great local cricketers.

“In 1962 we moved to Gol Gol and leased the garage right opposite Wilkinson’s Gol Gol pub,” Mrs Boston said.

“I am just wondering what the official records say – I think they might say on the old maps it is Mildura South.”

“Then it begs the question why all of a sudden are people calling it South Mildura”

The same seems to apply to Merbein South, which the old timers say is what the area called.

So why are the modern generation switching it around?

After all, Red Cliffs East has always been Red Cliffs East.

Have you ever heard anyone call it East Red Cliffs?