Mildura Rural City Council is seeking to develop a 10 year public loo strategy because it hasn’t got one.

Council has plenty of public loos around – the latest public loo count puts the tally as 72 in the municipality.

You’ll find then in different spots all over the Mildura Rural City Local Government area in different shapes and sizes and with a varying number of standards.

The City public toilets can be found from Murrayville to Merbein

The Strategy will act as a 10-year framework for Council to provide safe, clean, accessible and appropriate public toilet facilities for locals and visitors.

It will take in to consideration location, security, design, usage levels and costs.

The feedback you provided in the survey will be kept confidential and help to develop the Public Toilet Strategy.

But it should be noted that the survey only relates to public toilets that Council manages, such as those in parks and streets.

Public toilets located in private shopping centres or cafes are not included as part of this survey or work.

If that’s the case then perhaps the Council should identify which ones we are talking about – for example at the MIldura Recreation Reserve which Council owns but leases to different groups there are heaps of loos – some for the football clubs (three of them), inside loos and outside loos.

It’s also uncertain if the loo count includes those at the Art Centre and Council’s offices.

Anyone can have input on the great public loo debate – until Sunday midnight March 25 by which time Council’s Building and Property team may get a better idea as to what your favorite loo should look like and what facilities it should have.

Hopefully they have a section where you can request a loo – there are certainly spots around the city that could do with a loo.

Already people are beginning to comment. There are two Council owned public loos at Nangiloc, one of which the Council cleans but leaves the other one to the local football club.

And the need for a public loo in the Deakin Avenue and 15th street area – the main shopping area in Mildura – is a stand out.

Especially since the former City shopping Hub-  the Mildura CBD- has probably five or six.

If you want to participate – here’s the link -

Hard copy surveys are also available by calling us on (03) 5018 810