A 90 year old Queensland man has been assisted by Police to continue his journey to Alice Springs after an accident on the Murray Valley Highway near Robinvale yesterday morning.

The man boarded a flight from Mildura en-route to his destination after a bizarre set of circumstances saw his vehicle severely damaged in an accident on the highway near the Tol Tol Road intersection in the early part of Anzac Day morning.

The accident happened at 3.50am when the man’s glasses apparently dropped off as he was approaching the intersection.

Police said they were told that when he bent down to pick up his glasses from the floor of the car, the vehicle had crashed into a steel safety fence in the centre median in the intersection approach.

A Robinvale ambulance attended the accident but after examination of the driver found he was not injured.

A tow truck then arrived and carted the damaged vehicle away to a garage in Robinvale.

This left Police with the 90 year old man who had salvaged some of his possessions before his car was towed.

But Police were then required to be at the Dawn Anzac Day service at the Robinvale Cenotaph in Caix Square, Robinvale.

Police took the driver to the Dawn service and arranged for him to be given a ride to Mildura where he could secure transportation to continue his trip to Alice Springs.

Police said the man was lucky not to have been hurt in the accident.