Philip Hodgins is regarded as Australia’s foremost pastoral poets. He died young, but not before helping to create the Mildura Writers Festival, now in its 24th year.

On Friday 20 July 2018, at the former ADFA, now the Museum of Innocence (MIM), a dinner will be held to honour the 2018 Philip Hodgins Memorial Medal winner.   The award in Philip's name is bestowed to a deserving writer, not so much by the organisers of the festival, but in a sense, the city of Mildura itself, thanks to sponsors.

The award comes with a medal and an object of art made by local Red Cliffs artist, Jim Curry, whose dazzling inventive sculptural creations have amazed award winners, those within literary circles and the general public with their brilliance.

This year’s role of judge has been performed by Barry Hill an author and poet, who has frequently been a guest writer at the Mildura Writers Festival.

The 2018 Mildura Writers Festival Philip Hodgins Memorial Medal winner is poet David Malouf.  David is an internationally acclaimed author of fiction, poetry, essays, memoirs and libretti.  David will be honoured at the Philip Hodgins Memorial Dinner with a medal, a Curry Sculpture and a cash prize of $5000.

The award is an unusual literary award in that it is made of a jury of one person. Normally, literary and other awards are chosen by committee, making the choice, sometimes, a compromise. In the Philip Hodgins Memorial award the judge has a role for three years and his or her choices are final. It makes this one of the most sought-after accolades in Australia, even though the monetary component is modest.

The dinner promises to be a glamorous occasion and as always, winners are expected to deliver a short oration and in many instances, over the years, those in attendance have been in awe of the depth of feeling and sheer bravura of responses. This award honours Mildura’s capacity to champion cultural occasions of lasting value.

Seats are filling quickly for this event, which consists of a three course meal with wine, a short poetry reading by Philip’s daughter, Anna, and the award and response.

You are invited to support the arts and artists by witnessing this very special occasion.

Tickets for the Philip Hodgins Memorial Dinner and other events over the weekend of the event are available at

For further information please contact: Donata Carrazza, Mildura Writers Festival: 0407817714

Previous Philip Hodgins Memorial Medal Winners
2017 - Peter Boyle
2016 - Jan Owen
2015 - Anthony Lawrence
2014 - Lisa Gorton
2013 - Frank Moorhouse
2012 - Robert Gray
2011 - Gail Jones
2010 - Don Watson
2009 - Peter Steele
2008 - Sonya Hartnett
2007 - Inga Clendinnen
2006 - Stephen Edgar
2005 - Judith Beveridge
2004 - Luke Davies
2003 - Clive James
2002 - Chris Wallace-Crabbe
2001 - Carmel Bird
2000 - Peter Porter
1999 - Alan Gould
1998 - Kate Jennings
1997 - Bruce Dawe