Organisers of the Family Fun Fair operating during the school holidays at the Mildura Racecourse have been overwhelmed with the support from the Mildura community.

“Families attending the event have thanked us for being here” organiser Tony McCulloch said.  “We are fourth and fifth generation showmen and the last two years has been particularly hard on our industry.  Not being able to work has had a detrimental impact on our mental health, it is so great to be back at work” Tony said.

The Victorian group headed into regional Victoria in the hope of being able to provide some entertainment to country people, only to be caught out in the state-wide lockdown, stuck in Bendigo unable to work or move.

The Family Fun Fair arrived in Mildura from Bendigo just over two weeks ago and after initially planning to operate on the Mildura Riverfront at Nowingi Place, moved to the Mildura Racecourse. 

Under the current DHHS restrictions, Amusements may operate at 25% total venue capacity with cap at 300 people per space, whichever is lesser.  The fenced area at the Race Course allowed the monitoring and operation of the Fair under the COVID capacity limits achievable.

Organisers reported that crowd numbers have been pleasing over the first week of operations with patrons understanding of the capacity limits and the need to comply with COVID restrictions and COVID Safety measures in place for the Fair.

A regular to Mildura and Wentworth for many years, Tony McCulloch said “we are pleased to be back in this region supporting local business who without we would not be able to hold the Fair.”  “Supplies for the catering van, equipment repairs and maintenance and fuel to operate the generators are all sourced locally as well as accommodation and meals for our team,” Tony explained.  “We also engaged the services of a locally based Event Safety Specialist to prepare and submit the necessary paperwork to enable the Fair to be approved by Mildura Rural City Council, DHHS and WorkSafe and to monitor COVID and safety compliance during the operating hours”, Tony said.

As a show of appreciation to the Mildura community the Family Fun Fair have contacted some local support agencies to make arrangements to open early on Wednesday of next week to enable groups of special needs and disadvantaged children to attend the event for a closed session.  “This will allow supported and special needs children to attend without the need to wait in line to enter and be quieter for the kids with sensory concerns” Tony said. 

“Open times may vary depending on the weather, so keep up to date via our Facebook Page”, Tony said, ‘but generally, the Family Fun Fair will operate every day of the school holidays from 4.00pm to 9.30pm weekdays and 1.00pm to 9.30pm on the weekend days”

THE Mildura Show Committee has announced the decision to cancel the show for the second year in a row.

The National Ag Mildura Show was supposed to go ahead October 14-16 this year, but due to the looming restriction it cannot go ahead.

The Committee is still planning on running some competition sections in a format that is COVID safe. 

A show bag only show is planned to be organised so families can still get their show bags, same as last year.

The Committee is deeply disappointed in making this decision.

"It has been carefully evaluated and considered. It is felt the position the Society has taken is in the best interest of public health and the broader community."

"The Society will now turn its attention to planning and presenting a fantastic Show in 2022 and looking at holding our competitions in a COVID safe way to allow our exhibitors and competitors an opportunity to participate and provide something to look forward to."

Mildura & District Little Athletic is excited to announce that registrations for the coming track and field season are now open.

Registrations are also open for “come and try athletes”.  Come and try registrations are free and entitle an athlete to two weeks of competition.

Kara Hopkins, Mildura & District Little Athletic secretary, said the competition starts on Sunday 3rd of October at Oval 8, Old Aerodrome Ovals sporting complex.  Athletes are encouraged to arrive before 8.45am on Sunday competition to partake in warm up activities before competition starts.

Voluntary training is on Thursday evenings between 5.30 and 7pm.

The summer track and field season runs for 18 weeks, with the last competition day in March.

The season cost for the first athlete in a family is $159 with discounts for siblings. The cost for tiny tots, which run for one hour each week, is $117.

Ms Hopkins said “the opening of registrations is several weeks earlier than usual, due to the strong interest arising from the recent Olympic Games. There had been many enquiries from the community about joining little athletics.

Little athletics provides a relaxed family atmosphere where children aged 3-17 years can participate in a wide variety of events with an emphasis on self-improvement under the motto Family Fun and Fitness.”

Ms Hopkins added, unfortunately a planned belated fiftieth birthday celebration of little athletics in Mildura was to be held in early September but has been cancelled.”

To register for the upcoming season, including come and try, visit

Or head to the Mildura & District Little Athletics Centre Facebook Page and click on the sign-up button, or jump on the website to register.

The farming district around Annuello, south of Robinvale, is set to benefit from one of three new 4G
mobile base stations to be built in the region.

The Victorian Government is partnering with Telstra and Olam Orchards to deliver better voice and
data coverage between Wemen and Beverford, which includes a significant portion of the Murray
Valley Highway.

Member for Mildura Ali Cupper supported the innovative partnership and is glad to see it being

“This $3.2 million investment will address mobile coverage concerns for many Mallee districts, as
well as on a 40 kilometre stretch of the Murray Valley Highway,” Ms Cupper said.

“A new mobile base station at Annuello is part of a larger series of works that will boost coverage to
about 2,650 homes and businesses.”

One of Sunraysia’s biggest employers - Olam Australia - has 11 farms in Sunraysia, many in this area.
They’re Australia’s largest Almond producer, and one of several agricultural businesses who will
directly benefit from the connectivity boost.

“Faster, more reliable internet will make so many things easier on the ground business-wise,” Ms
Cupper said.

“More connectivity means more opportunity for farming businesses to pivot towards modern
technologies, which can boost their efficiency and maximise yields.”

Another important aspect to this investment is the increased safety mobile connectivity will provide
during emergency situations.

“There are some very large agricultural farming properties in this part of the world, and having
reliable voice and data coverage provides workers a crucial safety net,” Ms Cupper said.

“This is a win for everyone who works in, lives in, or travels through the area.”

A house has caught fire near the Arts Centre tonight on Walnut avenue. 

The fire started around 7pm. 

Three fire trucks responded to the scene, and the fire is not yet under control.

Local fire fighters are currently attempting to put out the blaze, as residents watch on. 

It is not known how the fire had started.

A MAN is wanted by police regarding a burglary in Eaglesham Street.

The thefts occurred on the 9th of August in Eaglesham Street.

It is believed that the male pictured below may be able to assist with enquiries.

Anyone with information in relation to the identity of the male is requested to contact Mildura Police Station on 50185300 or alternatively contact 

PREMIER Dan Andrew's has announced today that the lockdown will not end on September second.

Victoria recorded 92 new cases overnight, which is the highest daily total this year.

The Premier was upfront during the press conference, stating these numbers will not allow for the state to ease any restrictions.

“We will get advice in the coming days. Decisions will also be made and they will be announced very soon thereafter as we always have done. This is – these are difficult numbers" He said. 

Out of the 92 cases, only 63 of those are linked to known clusters.

NSW recorded a massive 1218 cases today, the highest number that Australia has seen since the outbreak began.

Dan Andrew's is determined to not end up in the same state as NSW, and wants to avoid numbers like those.


SUNRAYSIA Community Health Services have opened bookings for the Pfizer vaccination.

This comes as the announcement from the Federal Government that those aged 16-39 are eligible for the vaccination.

The clinic is by appointment only, and available Fridays and Saturdays in two set times.

The first times are 9am-11:45 am and the second 1pm-2:30.

The vaccination relieves residents in the area who were unable to get AstraZeneca due to age recommendations.

SCHS advise those to Always speak to your GP or health professional if you have any concerns.

SCHS are working in partnership with, Mallee District Aboriginal Services, Mildura Rural City Council and Mildura Base Public Hospital

To book you can head to