The farming district around Annuello, south of Robinvale, is set to benefit from one of three new 4G
mobile base stations to be built in the region.

The Victorian Government is partnering with Telstra and Olam Orchards to deliver better voice and
data coverage between Wemen and Beverford, which includes a significant portion of the Murray
Valley Highway.

Member for Mildura Ali Cupper supported the innovative partnership and is glad to see it being

“This $3.2 million investment will address mobile coverage concerns for many Mallee districts, as
well as on a 40 kilometre stretch of the Murray Valley Highway,” Ms Cupper said.

“A new mobile base station at Annuello is part of a larger series of works that will boost coverage to
about 2,650 homes and businesses.”

One of Sunraysia’s biggest employers - Olam Australia - has 11 farms in Sunraysia, many in this area.
They’re Australia’s largest Almond producer, and one of several agricultural businesses who will
directly benefit from the connectivity boost.

“Faster, more reliable internet will make so many things easier on the ground business-wise,” Ms
Cupper said.

“More connectivity means more opportunity for farming businesses to pivot towards modern
technologies, which can boost their efficiency and maximise yields.”

Another important aspect to this investment is the increased safety mobile connectivity will provide
during emergency situations.

“There are some very large agricultural farming properties in this part of the world, and having
reliable voice and data coverage provides workers a crucial safety net,” Ms Cupper said.

“This is a win for everyone who works in, lives in, or travels through the area.”