A Truck driver failed to realise he lost his load while driving near Lake Cullulleraine last week.

The driver travelled 20km before noticing his second trailer had come off.

When he went to salvage the missing trailer, he removed the front trailer and left it on the side of the road.

Travellers expressed the hazard he had caused for oncoming traffic.

A crane had to be called to come and recover the load.

MILDURA Highway Patrol intercepted an interstate B-Double driver travelling through Ouyen and tested postive for illicit drugs.

The driver of a B-Double  was originally stopped to undergo a COVID permit check on Thursday the 18th of August as part of Operation Sentinel.

The 45 year old male was travelling from South Australia.

The Mildura Police did a roadside drug test, which tested positive for Methyl Amphetamines.

 He was issued with an immediate driving prohibition for 24 hours and will be charged and summonsed to court following the drug analysis. 

There is a large police presence on the roads and police will continue to enforce road safety along with drug and alcohol driving offences.

Labor Health Minister Martin Foley can’t explain why asymptomatic testing wasn’t offered to customers who were potentially exposed to a Melbourne virus outbreak that’s now spread to regional Victoria.  
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