Bambill has upset league dominating favourites Nangiloc to take out the 2019 Millewa Grand Final by three points.

Bambill 10.13  73 defeated Nangiloc 10.10 70. Bambill led the game for most of the day with Nangiloc taking the lead late in the game, Bambill managing to fight back late in the last quarter to take home the flag.

The game eneded up a nail biting thriller in the final quarter with the lead changing a few times in the final minutes of the game. The result could have been different with Nangiloc's Matthew West having a free kick right in front of the goal, kicking after the siren and missing everything. West was visibly upset with the outcome of his kick.

The day belongs to Bambill who fought an excellent fight to take their win.

Bambill 2.2-14 5.8-38 8.10-58 10.13-73
Nangiloc 2.2-14 3.5-23 9.8-62 10.10-70

Goal Kickers: J. Hobbs 5, B. Congress, L. Trevena, S. Hirschi, S. Doering, A. Susu
Best Players: L. Trevena, J. Hobbs, J. Freeman, H. Brown, D. Atkinson, K. Keely
Goal Kickers: D. Keens 4, K. Loechel 2, S. Golding 2, L. Weaver, M. West
Best Players: M. West, K. Loechel, D. Keens, J. Berry, J. Berry