Irymple 9.15  69 have been defeated by Imperials 12.13  85. Imperials will go straight into the Grand Final with Irymple now having to battle through the long way around to make the Grand Final and try for another chance to take the flag.

  Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Irymple 1.3-9 4.7-31 5.10-40 9.15-69
Imperials 3.3-21 6.6-42 9.11-65 12.13-85

Goal Kickers: B. Riordan 2, R. Dowdy, N. Pezzaniti, J. Flack, N. Hura, B. Duscher, M. Roads, N. Hamence
Best Players: B. Duscher, F. Cirillo, N. Hamence, P. Power, B. Mentiplay, J. Hura
Goal Kickers: M. Middleton 3, J. McNally 2, A. Douglas 2, D. Hankin 2, B. Hallam, J. Bates, R. Hards
Best Players: M. Middleton, B. Hards, R. Hards, P. Keogh, B. Galbraith, J. Nihill