Irymple has kicked its way to a rematch with Imperials in the Sunraysia Football Netball League Grand Final next Saturday.

Robinvale Euston started the day with a glimmer of hope and was showing some form but dropped away and received a sound beating from Irymple.

  Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Irymple 3.3-21 3.6-24 6.10-46 12.15-87
Robinvale-Euston 0.1-1 4.4-28 4.5-29 5.5-35

Goal Kickers: M. Roads 3, R. Dowdy 2, T. George 2, N. Pezzaniti, B. Duscher, N. Mee, P. Power, J. Flack
Best Players: B. Duscher, D. Coghlan, N. Mee, F. Cirillo, H. Caldwell, P. Power
Goal Kickers: A. Calarco 2, J. Martin, J. Madio, S. Mitchell
Best Players: R. Middlebrook, J. Moimoi, B. Turner, M. Zappia, S. Mitchell, S. Egan