2018 Superclass winner Superman has set pace for Sunday's Ted Hurley 100 with a time of 33.50 in today's Expert qualifying legs, just 3 seconds off the 2016 race record set by Pigs Arsenal in 2016.

The drivers and skiers weren't put off by the wet weather, although lightening did delay the start by a little over an hour as officials waited to the storm cell to pass before putting the boats in the water.

Superman driver Darren McGuire and Observer Steve Robinson were the first boat out with skiers Daniel Cotton and Cameron Osbourne taking the alternate legs for the qualifying run.

The boats headed out of Wentworth in showers of rain with the return journey being in mostly clear weather.

The starting order for the first three boats off the line tomorrow is Superman 33.50, Arkham Asylum 34.30 and 2016 winner and record holder, Pigs Arsenal.