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In a see –sawing game with just two points the difference with five minutes to go, both sides goaled before a late surge of two quick goals gave Robinvale Euston a win over Irymple at Henshilwood Oval on Saturday.

Scores were level at half time with Irymple 14 points in the lead at three quarter time.

Eagle coach Andrew Richardson led the victory but he had great support from Leon Johnson, Daniel Ludica and Ethan Gill.

Imperials kept their finals hopes alive, being now out of the four on percentage after they took three quarters to shake off bottom side Merbein.

Again the Magpies showed they can be competitive for three quarters.

South Mildura plays in mixed passages but they were totally overpowered by the Ouyen United team which blasted eight goals in the opening term. Former Mildura player Marcus Heaky, who returned to his original side when it joined Sunraysia League kicked nine goals.

The home side was missing the Farrar brothers but Brad Vallance was a welcome return for the home side.

Sunraysia Football and Netball League 2018 Seniors

IRYMPLE v. ROBINVALE-EUSTON Round 12 - 14/07/2018
Robinvale-Euston                        4.3,  8.4,  11.6,  14.8  (92)
Irymple                                 2.2,  8.4,  9.7,  13.8  (86)
GOALS, Robinvale-Euston : Colby Mannix 2, Cosi Ienco 2, Braidyn Turner 2, Andrew Richardson 2, Aidan Calarco 2, Don Falvo 1,
Phillip Moi Moi 1, Michael Zappia 1, Daniel Iudica 1
Irymple :Daniel Coghlan 3, Chase Stone 3, Nick Pezzaniti 2, Todd George 2, Michael Dimasi 1, Liam Garlick 1,
Nick Mee 1

BEST, Robinvale-Euston :Andrew Richardson, Daniel Iudica, Leon Johnson, Colby Mannix, Ethan Gill, Joshua Moimoi Irymple :
Domenico Cirillo, Nick Mee, Daniel Coghlan, Nathan Hamence, Todd George, Brady Oliver

IMPERIALS v. MERBEIN Round 12 - 14/07/2018
Imperials                               1.3,  7.7,  8.9,  12.12  (84)
Merbein                                 5.1,  5.5,  8.8,  8.12  (60)

GOALS, Imperials :Jayden Fox 4, Alexander Douglas 3, Brendan Rhodes 2, Thomas Pridgeon 2, Joshua Taylor 1 Merbein :
Ashley Rowe 3, James Kennedy 2, Jarrod Buckley 1, Joseph Cavallo 1, Michael Harradine 1

BEST, Imperials : Brendan Rhodes, Matthew Mazzini, Jayden Fox, Matthew Boyd, Sam Butterworth, Matthew Wilden Merbein :
Ashley Rowe, Joseph Cavallo, James Kennedy, Michael Westley, Christian Mazza

OUYEN UNITED v. SOUTH MILDURA Round 12 - 14/07/2018
Ouyen United                            8.2,  11.6,  18.13,  23.15  (153)
South Mildura                           0.2,  2.3,  3.3,  3.7  (25)
GOALS, Ouyen United :Marcus Healy 9, Thomas Morrish 3, Travis Latta 2, Keegan Keely 2, Ryan Monaghan 1, Matthew Palmer 1,
Joab Mead 1, Bradley  Vallance 1, Simon Brown 1, Jake Cresp 1, Todd Barker 1 South Mildura :
Damien Ford 1, Charles  Etrich  1, Daine Grace 1

BEST, Ouyen United :Marcus Healy, Ryan Monaghan, Andrew Jardine, Thomas Morrish, Bradley  Vallance, Mitchell Taylor South Mildura :
Damien Ford, Liam Wood, Nathan Johns, Bradley Thomas, Tom Babidge, Charles  Etrich