Talk of the Town

COVID has seen a loss for so many businesses, but local Jake Anderson is selling his sweet treats to the community.

Anderson is not only a baker of delicious donut but is also a stay-at-home dad of two.

Anderson Donuts began out of free time during lockdown at the start of 2020, but not for the public initially, but for his 3-year-old daughter to lift her spirits.

With 2 years of baking experience, Anderson began experimenting recipes and came up with his own unique menu to sell through Facebook on a community post.

He just put out the feelers to see if there was an interest, and there definitely was.

Anderson Donuts started baking for public orders 12 weeks ago, and Jake Anderson is enjoying the experience.

“It is unlike anything I have ever done to be honest I’ve never been my own boss before so it was all quite new for me, but I am loving it” he said.

“It has its challenges and stresses like with anything, but the work life balance was important to me being a stay-at-home dad, so I have made it work.”

Anderson’s goal is to lift spirits in a time where everyone is doing it tough, from a passion to production he is rapidly growing in his business.

He one day hopes to open a shop but enjoys the contactless delivery system and being at home with his kids.

Find Anderson Donuts on Facebook.




MISREPORTING has led to the belief of positive COVID cases in the Wentworth and Balranald shires.

Local MP Helen Dalton has confirmed the rumours of two positive cases are false.

Data on the NSW Health website does show positives for both areas, but the police have confirmed they no longer live in the area.

This information calls for those who have moved to updated their residential details to avoid this situation in the future.